Thursday, May 22, 2008

I Hand Washed My Own Laundry!

So the laundry place at the university had been closed all last week and I ran out of clothes. One day I walked outside and saw the group of Pilipinos (who are living in the international dorms too) hanging laundry outside. So I decided to join them. I pulled up my sleeves and washed my clothes in my little bathroom sink and them hanged them out to dry. I was very proud of my self. It took two days for the clothes to dry and when they were dry they were super wrinkly and smelling…darn. Luckily, the laundry place opened up. I gave them three loads of laundry and early the next morning the laundry was clean, dried, and folded…So how much do you think I paid for this service? 90 baht ($3). That’s right. It costs $1.75 to use a washer and dryer on one load of laundry…and you have to do it yourself. I love this place…and I’m going to come back even more spoiled than I already am.