Saturday, May 10, 2008

Thai Food

So far I’ve eaten very little authentic Thai food. The first meal I had here was Pizza Hut and then we went to Dairy Queen for dessert. For breakfast we have fried eggs and toast, yesterday we went to Baskin Robbins. My first try at Thai food was a disaster. We went to a food court and pointed to pictures to order. Jessica ended up with a plate of cold fried chicken and I got tomato macaroni. Yum (note sarcasm).
However, yesterday we went to a nicer Thai restaurant. There was a large crock-pot on our table. The waitresses gave us a menu and stood there waiting for us to order. I ordered green noodles (I thought it had some kind of sauce or something) and Jessica ordered fried rice. We tried to give our menus back, but the waitress just looked at us like we were crazy. She pointed to the crock-pot and then back at the menu. We didn’t know what she was trying to say, so we ordered some more food. We looked back up at her and she just seemed confused. She took the crock-pot and our menus. So our meal consisted of fried rice, unflavored noodles, and two trays of egg rolls. We realized later we were supposed to order stuff to put in our own custom soup that would cook on our table. Whoops. Oh well, the food was really good.
Luckily that night, our facilitator took us to a buffet where they had the same kind of crock-pot only it was more like a grill. You went to the buffet and got raw meat, veggies, tofu, sauces and other stuff and you put it all into the crock-pot to cook. You put your meat on a mini grill above the soup and all the meat juice dropped into the soup and flavored it. It was soooooooo good. One gross thing: There were flies all over the place. Sticky sticks had been placed right above the food to catch the flies. Each stick was covered with huge flies covered in goop wiggling in hope of being set free. One of the sticks fell right into a pile of raw meat. The worker just picked it up and put it back in place and peole kept grabing the meat like nothing had happened. Yuck.