Sunday, June 1, 2008

Teaching at the Primary School Near MaeJo University

So I have been teaching English for two weeks and I really like it. When I was living a MaeJo University, I started teaching at a local primary school down the road. The first day was awful. We had no preparation at all. We just showed up at the school, walked into a 2nd grade class and were asked to teach for an hour. Yikes! It may not have been so bad except that there were five of us in one classroom and we all had different ideas about what to; not to mention the teacher who had ideas of her own. We taught two classes and then went to lunch. The lunch wasn’t very good, but we had to eat it all because the teachers were watching us intently and we didn’t want to offend them. After lunch we were sent to the computer room to email friends and then we were sent home instead of teaching another class.

The next time I taught was with just Jessica. It was nice not to have to teach the class alone, but we also had the flexibility to our own thing. I’m so glad that we got to practice at this primary school for a week because when we transferred to the school we are teaching now we were more prepared.