Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Om Dang

Om is one of the most hyper active kids I've ever met. He's out of control! Jon baptized him a few years ago and he said it was a memorable occasion. He said, "Thais don't like water to begin with, so when you tell a hyperactive 8-year-old Thai that you're going to dunk him in water..." All of the sudden, Om jumped onto Jon challenging him to a boxing match...We all got the picture. Om is 11-years-old and he loves the BYU students. He hangs all over us (especially the girls). He is constantly running around and teasing us. Om looks like he's nine...I guess everyone here looks younger than Americans who are the same age. He's starting school tomorrow and is not happy about it. He wants to drive around with his mom and dad and show the BYU students the sights of Chiang Mai.


Michael said...

I, for one, am blown away by the photo quality. Did you take a super-sweet camera with you?