Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Snake Farm

Okay...This place was super cool! It was located in a small run-down, kind of "sketchy," cement building. Old cages housed pythons, king cobras, alligators, and lizards. A lot of the cobras were feisty (I have a feeling they were made to be irritated so they would give a better show). One of the king cobra's kept striking at us as we goggled him. They metal cage between us and him protected us from his deadly bite, but it bruised and cut up his face with every strike until blood dripped down his was kind of sad; never thought I'd feel sorry for a king python.

After walking around the farm we were privileged to witness the infamous "Chiang Mai Snake Farm Show!" The theme from Rocky rang through the open air facility. We excitedly took our seats on the rough wood benches preparing for the show of all shows. The emcee spoke some scripted English with a heavy Thai accent. Every time he said anything he would turn the music all the way down: that part alone was pretty hilarious. Then this super attractive Thai boy (probably 15 unfortunately) came out and threw two king cobras to the ground; they immediately started hissing and cussing (okay, they weren't cussing, but they would have been had they been allowed to speak). The cute Thai boy knelt down and poked them with a stick and jumped back every time the snakes got super mad and started to strike. All the girls sat on the back row of the stands. We were squealing and folding up into contorted positions in order to protect us just in case the snakes decided to jump 20 feet into the air and attack us.

Now I know what some of you might be thinking...they took out the poison and the fangs so the snakes weren't dangerous...but the emcee informed us that NO, the snakes still had poison and fangs and they showed us through some random demonstrations. Side note: did you know that a drop of King cobra venom will kill an elephant in one hour...yes ladies and elephant. Be grateful I survived.

The next snake they showed us was a jumping snake. It was in a wooden box at first. The snake people poked at the snake and you would see his tail flip up and then his head...and then with out warning I saw the snake fly across the room in slow motion! His teeth gnarling, venom spiting from his mouth, his body ready to strangle the neck he fell on. Luckily the snake landed on Brighten who was sitting right next to me...and luckily the snake wasn't a snake, but a rope. All of us girls screamed and flew into the fetal position while the snake guys and guys in our group laughed and laughed...ugh boys.

So all of that was pretty cool, but the coolest part was that I, yes me, got to hold a real live python! They wrapped it around my neck and it immediately started squeezing. I could not relax. I just squealed and laughed uncontrollably, but you try holding a python. It didn't help that the cute boy had a two-pronged something that he pricked into the back of my leg...ugh boys.