Sunday, June 1, 2008


Pa is very reserved and gives me (a female) a large amount of space, however, he is extremely kind and loving despite the physical distance. Pa knows little English, however he still know a lot more English than I know Thai. We have little conversations such as “You like Thai food,” and “Chan chob Durian.”

Pa is the principal at the school I am teaching at. He is very well respect and has received several awards for his teaching and leading accomplishments. However, despite all his hard work, he is very relaxed and easygoing at home. He takes off his shirt and roams the house in a wife beater. Every morning before school he wanders over to the next house over and has breakfast with his parents. When he drives he does so gracefully and smoothly—ebbing and flowing with the traffic. In short, he has figured out how to be efficient minus the stress. I think the society he lives in helps.