Sunday, June 1, 2008


My host mom is very kind and relaxing yet she exhibits an admirable air of dignity. I think she is absolutely gorgeous with a clear light brown complexion, dark eyes, and big lips. She wears dark square glasses that make her look hip. She is 45 years old. It’s funny because when I first met her I called her “Mae” (mom) and she laughed and corrected me. “I am not Mae. I am young. I am “Pii” (sister). Whoops. It’s funny because if my mom were still alive she would only be 42 years old, so technically Pii could be Mae.

Pii is very smart. She knows several languages and reads a lot. Currently she is teaching at a primary school while also working on a Master’s degree. She is gone this week end to present her thesis about reforming teaching methods in Thai public schools.

I’ve been told that Pii is the epitome of a good Thai housewife: she is on top of everything. However, she doesn’t seem very concerned about clothing, interior decorating, cooking, or cleaning. That’s not to say that she doesn’t dress well, or that her house isn’t well kept, but you can tell that education, work, and family take a higher priority in her life.

She loves Ong and they have cute relationship. It is different than American relationships in that she is physically affectionate towards Ong as if he were a 5-year-old…But it’s not weird as some might assume. It seems perfectly natural, but it does point to some differences between our cultures.

Pii wants me to learn Thai and teaches me everyday. It is nice that she speaks a little English so that she can help me understand what word she is teaching. I have learned a lot from her, but I still have a long way to go before I am capable of carrying out a full conversation in Thai.