Friday, June 20, 2008

The picture may be a little blury, but I promise that's me on an elephant

So after a super long trek through wilderness we were met with 10 large elephants ready to take us to our final destination. I stood face to face with an elephant and looked into her dark eyes. "What are you thinking? What are your stories? What are your secrets?" I wondered. But she never said. Then, without warning the great gray beast knelt before me and allowed me to climb up her large limbs and Brighton and I sat on the metal seat fastened to the elephants back. As she stood I was afraid I was going to die and as she started walking I was sure of it. But after I got over the initial jitters I was amazed at how graceful our elephant stepped. The methodical movement of those log-legs were very ballerina-esque and I felt like I was in a rocking cradle. The gorgeous view was an added bonus.