Wednesday, August 6, 2008


“You and me have seen everything to see. From BANGKOK to Calgary.” Okay, I haven’t been to Calgary yet, but I can at least sing the first part of the song. Yes I went to Bangkok. Jessica and I had a little mix up with our tickets so I arrived in Bangkok by myself a day early. I got to the airport at one in the morning so I slept on the airports plastic benches until that morning. It was my job to find the train station, buy tickets back to Chiang Mai, and find a place to stay. I figured out how to use the local buses because I didn’t want to pay tons of money to take taxis everywhere (okay the most expensive ride is $15, but I’m spoiled here), I wanted a less touristy experience, and I felt safer riding around the city with a big group of locals. Whelp, I did it! I spent a day going all over Bangkok by myself and it was great. I was really impressed with myself. If you would have asked me to go to Bangkok by myself at the beginning of this summer I would have laughed in your face, but today I feel more confident in my ability to evaluate and maintain my personal safety. I feel confident in my ability to take care of myself even though in a place as foreign as Bangkok. I would have rather been with someone, but circumstance didn’t allow it so I dealt with it. Those who know me well will know this was a big accomplishment. My other friends came the next day. We stayed on Khao San Road; it’s this famous-touristy-backpacker-market-haven road. It was fun and I found a sticky rice and mango vendor so I was happy. We went to the huge shopping malls, the Chatuchuk market (largest outdoor market in the world…that’s their claim anyways), rode on boats through the disgusting river, rode the sky train, visited the Grand Palace, and the Royal Wat, saw a HUGE, I’m talking big, reclining Buddha, and did it all for under $30…food included. Bangkok was great but after two days I was ready to go back home to Chiang Mai. I’m partial because I lived in Chiang Mai the longest, but I think it’s prettier and has a more peaceful feel to it than Bangkok and Phuket. I took a 13 hour sleeper train up from Bangkok and I am now back to my home. Unfortunately I will be leaving in less than a week.