Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Puket is an island at the tip of Thailand. It’s definitely not a resort city, but the beaches are gorgeous. Turquoise water, white sand, pineapple and mangos: Can life get better than this? I submit that it cannot. Going there was a perfect break after the two weeks of “go-go-go.” Just a couple friends and I went to Phuket and stayed at a hostel taking day trips out the island’s beaches. Our days were like this: We slept-in, played at the beach all day, went out to eat, came home, and watched movies and talked all night. It’s kinda disgusting how lazy that week was, but I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it thoroughly. At the hostel we met a bunch of really interesting and cool Europeans. So apparently almost all Europeans take about a year off to travel the world after they graduate either from high school of college. Incredible. They aren’t super rich either. They just spend a year working before hand, and then they use their saved money to backpack across the globe. If they run out of money they go to Australia to work for a bit and then off they go again. These backpackers aren’t bums either. I met a girl who's about to start med school, another guy who's going to law school. Europeans whole social structure supports this yearlong journey. And in Italy during the summer, the entire nation is empty because everyone goes on holiday. One of my Italian friends laughed at me in disbelief when I asked him if he had ever done summer school? “What is summer school? How can you go to class when the schools are shut down?” American’s may have more money because we work an extra year and during the summer, but Europeans seem to have far more interesting lives. However…some of them spend all their time drinking at pubs…not sure why you would pay tons of money to travel the world drunk…but the majority of the people we met stayed sober most of the time. :) Regardless of the Europeans, Phuket was cool.