Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I didn’t have any idea what to expect from Malaysia. I had never learned about it in school, and I had never watched “Zoolander,” but I ended up being very impressed. It is the second most industrialized nation of Southeast Asia (Singapore is the first). Unfortunately there was some shady dealings and the agency who set up our excursion short changed our Malaysian tour guides. But they were intrigued because they had heard that we were a group of missionaries and they decided figured out a way to show us around the country by cutting their wages from the two-day trip’s expenses. We were grateful for that because we got to do some amazing things. We went to their national palace that acts as their “White House.” We also visited the place where they signed their declaration of independence, and a monument that honored those who had died in the first and second world wars. We went to the Petronas Towers (former tallest buildings in the world, now the tallest twin towers in the world). We went to two HUGE caves. Each rooms inside the caves were as big as a basketball arena. And my favorite thing we did was a night boat ride down a river to watch large glow bugs. They covered the bushes along the banks of the river and looked like sparkling Christmas trees. Instead of eating at fancy restaurants like we had been doing in the previous countries, we ate at local outdoor cafes, which were still delicious. I also loved visting the Muslim mosques. I've been learning quite about Islam and the more I learn the more I realize how similar it is to my personal beliefs. It's unfortunate that most of the western world has a slightly skewed perception about muslims and Islam, at least I did anyways. The majority of muslims are amazing people trying to grow closer to the Lord through a beautiful religion.